CH Falkor’s Enter the Dragon “Lex”

9/6/2002 – 5/17/2013
Lex came to me from Kirstan C O’Brien of Tienlung Boxers. He was my first show dog and my first, well… everything. He was my best friend. He taught me more about myself and how to live than anyone or anything I have ever met. He was bold, strong, cocky, adventurous, hilarious, and the most loyal dog I have ever known.

A blend of some truly amazing dogs from NA and the UK, Lex was an oddity for his time. There weren’t many out-crosses in the ring nor were there many plain males. He was very sure he was the greatest dog that ever walked the earth and he broadcasted that attitude in the show ring.

Lex died of cancer at 10.5 years of age. It took him suddenly, which was in itself a gift, as he was living large and taking on the world with gusto until the end. I miss you.


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