Pet First Aid: Are You Ready for an Emergency?

Last Tuesday, I used my knowledge of pet first aid to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Ray. I had given everyone smoked beef windpipes as a chew and Ray swallowed his whole. He started widening his mouth like he wanted to vomit but made no noise. His eyes got big. I saw right away that he was choking. As I worked on him his gums were getting pale. It was a long 30 seconds until that thing was out of him and on the ground.

This will never happen to me though… right?

When seconds count, knowing basic pet first aid will save the life of your dog. You may think emergency situations are rare but dogs are dogs – they get themselves into trouble all the time. One day, you will find yourself in the position of administering first aid until you can get to a vet.

Reading stories on social media of a dog that got his jaw caught in a fence, ate a bottle of Tylenol, or <insert crisis here> resulting in the death of a dog just breaks my heart. You can make a difference when it matters most; I know because it’s happened to me!

How do I even learn pet first aid?

Both Morgan and I have taken the DogSafe Canine First Aid course in person many times. They run courses regularly across North America. Although they have an online version, I urge you to locate a local course and do hands-on training. If you do nothing else with these blogs, PLEASE take this course and be prepared. I cannot stress how crucial it is to be trained in basic pet first aid. Dealing with open wounds, seizures, overheating, bloat, and even performing CPR until a veterinarian can help you will save the dog you love.

Have questions? Drop us a line. We are happy to help you. In the meantime, check out our related post: 11 Must-Have Items for your Canine First Aid Kit.