"LEX" 9/6/2002 - 5/17/2013

CH Falkor's Enter the Dragon     

Lex came to me from Kirstan C O'Brien of Tienlung Boxers. He was my first show dog and my first, well... everything. He was my best friend. He taught me more about myself and how to live than anyone or anything I have ever met. He was bold, strong, cocky, adventurous, hilarious, and the most loyal dog I have ever known.

A blend of some truly amazing dogs from NA and the UK, Lex was an oddity for his time. There weren't many out-crosses in the ring nor were there many plain males. He was very sure he was the greatest dog that ever walked the earth and he broadcasted that attitude in the show ring.

Lex died of cancer at 10.5 years of age. It took him suddenly, which was in itself a gift, as he was living large and taking on the world with gusto until the end. I miss you.

"TULA" 9/6/2002 - 6/12/2014

Ch Tienlung's Tiree Wind Dragon        

Tula may not necessarily be one of my dogs but she definitely deserves an honorable mention here. She is from the same litter as Lex and entered my sister's (and therefore my) life when she was about 6 years old.  She was the happiest accident we could have asked for.

Happiness surrounded Tula like a cloud. She took so much joy in every day life that her absence has left a huge hole in our lives. I asked my sister if she had any words about Tula and she responded with, "What can you say other than she was the greatest dog to ever live?". Now you know the depths of love my sister and Tula had for each other.

You are missed every single day.

"RUBY" 5/21/2004 12/11/2017

Timbavati Castillian's Ruby CGN RN         

Ruby came to me from Solina Richter of Timbavati Boxers. I was so excited to be able to take home a piece of old South African lines known for their temperaments and health. I felt she could bring into my breeding program what the NA boxers seemed to be missing. Ruby gave us two litters and one Champion daughter. Through much bad luck we do not have any of Ruby's children to move forward with. This pains me more than I can say, she was such a tremendous asset to have lost.

Oh Ruby, everyone who met you loved you. Your temperament is what breeders strive for and it kills me that I never got a daughter to carry on your legacy. At 13.5 years old I could not convince you to stay any longer, yet you needed my help to go. I'm still grieving your loss and perhaps I always will. People tell me you lived a long life, yet I keep thinking you left me too soon...