BIS BISS Am/Can. Ch Bentbrook's Image of High Noon SOM SOMC

BIS BISS Am/Can. Ch Bentbrook's Image of High Noon SOM SOMC

Am/Can Ch Bentbrook's Image of High Noon SOM SOMC (Spirit) x Can Ch Ronin Foxtrot Tango Whiskey HIC DOMC (Margot)

Born June 9, 2018: SPIRIT is a stallion of a dog who is know for producing lovely, healthy, long-lived children. The pedigree for this litter can be seen HERE. This litter is DM CLEAR by parentage and will all be brindle. For the health testing and additional details of either parent, click on their pictures.

We anticipate some promising show and performance puppies from this litter. All placement decisions are pending their 8 week evaluation. If you would like to apply for one of these youngsters complete our PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE.

Can Ch Ronin Foxtrot Tango Whiskey HIC CDOM

Can Ch Ronin Foxtrot Tango Whiskey HIC CDOM

Day 0-14

We are so pleased to welcome the fabulous five here, affectionately know as the Spirit Fingers! We have one white girl, two brindle girls, and two brindle boys. They are all named by their collar colours: Green Boy, Lilac Girl, Orange Boy, Pink Girl, and Yellow Girl.

For now we are working on eating, sleeping, and gaining our strength for Early Neurological Stimulation (ESI) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) to build up their baby brains! You can watch them experiencing new scents HERE. Although it's a bit boring, these experiences are crucial to their brain development.

Pink Girl was the first to open her eyes on day 11. The rest of the crew followed suit a few days after. They all have double dark haws except Pinkie.

Day 15-30

These little monkeys have been growing like weeds. Orange is definitely the chunky one of the group while Pink Girl, although small, has been fighting her way up the weight gain chain. Yellow Girl has been the first of everything: First one truly walking, first play growl, and first baby tail wag. We have all found our voices and have begun escaping our baby pool.

Towards the end of week three, roughly day 28, these guys move into a transition pen to begin their potty training along with food other than from mom. Potty training takes some time but these little ones have been quick studies. After a few days transitioning they move into a brand new apartment filled with new activities to challenge their bodies and minds.

It's a busy time for these guys and they definitely don't want to stay sill for photos. Stay tuned for videos next week to see these little guys in action!