We feed out dogs a species appropriate diet of raw food. We have found as a breeding community over the last few decades that this diet has increased the overall health of our dogs, improved dental health, and has a tremendous impact on the soundness of body and mind. Our litters are robust and healthy with puppy growth rates much improved. Brain development has also been accelerated in our puppies compared to those litters that were previously fed store brand kibble.

 Raw food is healthy and easy, give it a try!

Raw food is healthy and easy, give it a try!

Commercial dog foods have seen a drastic quality improvement over the last decade. Pressure from pet owners to only feed the absolute best to their animals has really pushed the pet food industry to step up their game. While we still believe raw is the best way to go, we understand it may be problematic for some homes. There are a few commercial brands we recommend for those instances.

Every puppy placed by us goes home with a sample diet plan and resources for whom to contact to get your raw food conveniently and affordably. We’ve come a long way in raw food availability and convenience. There are raw food suppliers in your area that take all the guess work (and a lot of inconvenience) out of raw feeding.