Dog activities come in many different forms. Dog breeds were developed for a variety of purposes and the activities we have today harken back to the tasks your dog was traditionally bred for. Boxers are unique in that they were designed to be an overall utility dog. That means they should be athletic and smart enough to be able to do any task put before them. Their extreme versatility makes the unique and also allows owners to participate in such a wide variety of events.

Activities are more than walks. Many behavior outbursts and problems stem from a bored or restless dog. Activities keep your dog healthy inside and out, will strengthen your bond, and will create a well-rounded obedient dog that is a joy to share your home with. Here are some of the most accessible sports for your boxer:

Conformation involves having your dog ’show off’ so to speak. This sport involves your dog demonstrating what a true boxer looks and acts like to earn titles and awards, and we all know how much a boxer loves to show off!

Rally Obedience is a sport that combines the fun, spontaneity, and obedience all in one package. Great for beginners and experts a like the rally community is welcoming and classes are offered at most obedience schools.

Competition Obedience is an amped up version of obedience, the dressage of dog sports so to speak. The goal is flawless performance between dog and handler. Perfect for those who love attention to detail!

Agility is a fast paced and exciting sport sending your dog over and through a variety of obstacles and challenges. Great for athletic dogs who love a good run.

Nose Work involves teaching your dog to use his nose and locate particular scents in different environments. Slower paced but really gets your dog’s brain working.

Barn Hunt is sort of like scent detection and nose work except your dog is looking to find a hidden rodent (secured in a tube) among bales of hay. This is a very fun sport that again works a dog’s brain.

Tracking is exactly like it sounds. The dogs are taught to pick up a specific scent and track it to its source in a variety of environments. Great if you love walking and a mentally tired dog!

Protection Sports include a variety of sub sports but it generally involves your dog doing obedience, tracking, and take downs. Great for enthusiastic and athletic dogs to learn control and obedience.

Lure Coursing was traditionally only open to hounds but now any breed can do it! It’s all about the chase in this sport, getting your dog to chase a lure. Wonderful for dogs who love to run.

This list is not exclusive so be sure to check out more sports and activities here to find what works for you.