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What makes a great boxer

Long before a puppy is ever born, the foundations of a great boxer are built upon the generations that came before it. Years of dedicated pedigree research, extensive health testing, and proof through performance are cornerstones to our breeding program.

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We follow the AVIDOG and PUPPY CULTURE breeding and rearing principles.

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Health guarantees and ownership expectations.

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All our boxers are Canadian Kennel Club registered and health screened.

A boxer isn’t for every person

Boxers are a higher energy breed with as much brains as enthusiasm. A striking dog to look at with a ton of personality; it’s easy to want to take one home, especially when they’re in the form of an adorable puppy. A polite boxer with responsible owners is a lovely creature enjoyed by their owners and the public alike. A boxer in the wrong hands is a nightmare. If we think this breed is not a good fit for you or your lifestyle, don’t be offended – be glad we could direct you to a breed better suited to your needs!

All of our boxers are sold on ownership agreements for the protection of the dog. This is standard practice for reputable breeders and is not open to negotiation.

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Who We Are

We are proud members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Boxer Club of Canada, and the Alberta Boxer Club. We have been working and competing with companion animals for most of our lives.

Kat H is Bimberg Boxers CKC boxer breeder located in Alberta Canada


I have had boxers in my life as long as I can remember. My parents immigrated to Canada from Germany in the late 70’s and I have been fortunate to spend time with boxers on both sides of the Atlantic. My great-aunt who also lived in Canada always had two boxers in her house and I learned to walk with the help of her boxer Fritzi. Her love for the breed marked me forever and I cherish the boxer collectables she gifted me before her passing.

In Germany, my paternal family has been successfully breeding and showing Welsh Cob horses for three generations. Alongside these stunning horses were the family’s most trusted farm companions; boxers. My fondest memories of the family farm always include a beloved boxer. Time with my grandfather, uncle, and cousins instilled in me a deep respect and admiration for well-planned and purposeful breeding with quality being of paramount importance. I witnessed patience, planning, and a level of animal husbandry and respect I have rarely seen since.

This farm, named Gut Bimberg, has been in our family for over 350 years and my experiences there have shaped the breeder I am today. I have been imprinted by dogs like Fritzi, and non-traditional working boxers like the farm guardians who were my family’s constant companions. My respect for the boxer and its history has led me to appreciate quality boxers from around the world, regardless of style, that honour the original purpose of the breed.

Morgan C from Furioso Boxers a CKC boxr breeder with Markus and a boxer puppy at a lure coursing and sprinters event in Alberta Canada


I found my way into the saddle at the age of 8 and my life was transformed when I discovered how rewarding and intimate the working bond with a horse could be. I gravitated to the strength and athleticism of warmbloods and dedicated my life to these incredible horses and the sports where they shine.

My career in horses advanced to near Olympic levels which included the running of a world-class breeding and training centre. Of course, this included the barn’s most faithful companions – dogs. I valued them as part of the team as much as the horses that made up my life.

After a career-ending injury, I found the dogs that had supported our barn healed my heart in ways nothing else could. I refocused my love for the human-animal bond through building working relationships with dogs, taking with me all of the skills, patience, and knowledge from my time with the horses.

The Boxer breed encompasses everything I love so much about my warmbloods; robust, athletic, agile, powerful, and intelligent. I began Furioso Boxers, named for a stallion that changed my life and who embodied all same traits that I strive to preserve in the boxer breed but quickly merged with Bimberg Boxers shortly thereafter. Today I am pursuing everything I love about this breed under the Bimberg name with Furioso qualities proudly embedded in every dog we produce.


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