Welcome to Bimberg Boxers where we believe soundness of mind and body are the foundations for what makes a great dog, whether they are competing in sports or for a spot on the couch. On top of selecting dogs with optimum bodies and minds, we believe firmly in the AVIDOG puppy rearing system. We have been showing, working, and breeding our dogs for over 15 years. Check out our other pages to see if a Bimberg Boxer is right for you.

A boxer isn’t for every person. It’s a higher energy breed with as much brains as enthusiasm. A striking dog to look at with a ton of personality; it’s easy to want to take one home, especially when they’re in the form of an adorable puppy. A polite boxer with responsible owners is a lovely creature enjoyed by their owners and the public alike. A boxer in the wrong hands is a nightmare. If we think this breed is not a good fit for you or your lifestyle, don’t be offended – be glad we could direct you to a breed better suited to your needs!

All of our boxers are sold on contracts for the protection of the dog. This is a standard practice for reputable breeders and is not open to negotiation.  All our boxers are CKC registered and health screened. Read more about our screening, warranty, and requirements in this SAMPLE OWNERSHIP AGREEMENT and on our HEALTH page. Still interested? Read more on our LITTERS page.